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:: Standards, Sustainability and Success - Hertfordshire Sixth Form Conference 2018 ::
This timely conference will provide school leaders with a clear overview of the changing post 16 landscape, as well as guidance on key management strategies related to post 16 funding, curriculum, accountability and inspection. In response to school requests, our post 16 conference brings together national experts in post 16 education to help school leaders ensure their sixth form provision remains high quality, successful and sustainable. Key note speakers include: Suzanne O’Farrell, Curriculum and Assessment Specialist at ASCL. Making a welcome return, Suzanne will be presenting the most up to date information on post 16 policy changes and curriculum reform and will outline key management strategies to support post 16 curriculum and financial planning. Yvonne Baker, Chief Executive, STEM Learning will use real case studies to show how developing key partnerships embeds a STEM culture within schools, improving pupil achievement (particularly those receiving FSM). She will also explore how engagement with STEM Ambassadors improves young people’s understanding of STEM careers and the significance for IAG in school sixth forms. Stephen Rollett, Inspections and Accountability Specialist at ASCL will explore the key inspection areas schools have been particularly concerned about over the past 12 months. His session will dispel myths, build confidence and help delegates to take control of their next inspection as well as signposting the changes planned for 2019 and implications for senior leaders.
By attending the conference, participants will:
  • have a clear overview of the changing post 16 landscape, exploring trends in qualifications, subject choices, and academic and vocational options
  • explore and evaluate the impact of the continuing and real terms decreases in funding levels and consider how to mitigate for this
  • consider strategies for how best to deliver high quality, post 16 provision in today’s competitive 16-19 sector
Price £165 or a discounted price of £299 for two delegates from the same school
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