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Data Management Services
18SIT/074P Primary SIMS user group - Baldock 22 Nov 2018
18SIT/077P Primary SIMS user group - Little Hadham 23 Nov 2018
18SIT/079P Primary SIMS user group - Greenwood Park 27 Nov 2018
18SIT/078S SIMS Nova-T6 unit 1: Basedata 27 Nov 2018
18SIT/091P Making effective use of Assessment Manager 7 for SENCOs 28 Nov 2018
18SIT/081S Secondary SIMS user group - Cottered 30 Nov 2018
18SIT/082S Secondary SIMS user group - Wheathampstead 03 Dec 2018
18SIT/083S Secondary SIMS user group - Nobel School 04 Dec 2018
18SIT/084P A year in the life of a school administrator: the secrets of SIMS 05 Dec 2018
18SIT/085S Maximising effective use of SIMS Exams Organiser 06 Dec 2018
18SIT/087P SIMS Assessment Manager (on school data) 11 Dec 2018
18SIT/086P SIMS Assessment Manager (primary) 11 Dec 2018

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