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:: Using SIMS to manage SEN ::
This course will empower INCOs and SENCOs to record SEN data efficiently in SIMS. Utilising the functionality of reviews, provisions and events, a comprehensive SEN record can be created for pupils in SIMS. Data from SIMS can also be extracted into county standard forms and utilised in reports for data analysis. Specialist reports and letters relating to the pupil can be linked to the pupils' record in SIMS. Customisation of the SIMS homepage supports efficient working, enabling quick access to frequently used areas of SIMS and the display of data on the homepage. As delegates may not have used SIMS before, the pace of this course has been set accordingly.
By attending the course, participants will:
  • customise the homepage and utilise the inbuilt help functionality in SIMS
  • run reports for data analysis, populate county-standard forms, generate SEN review letters and schedule review meetings
  • set up the SEN module in SIMS so it reflects what the school is providing for pupils
  • enter reviews, provisions and events for a pupil so that the data is census-compliant
  • attach notes and documents, and also add and link agents and agencies who work with the pupil, to the pupil’s record
Suitable for:
  • INCos/ SENCos
Price £208
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