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:: New headteacher induction - pre incumbency session ::
Your first year of headship is a year of transition and self discovery - requiring you to don your ‘professional cloak’, show emotional intelligence and be the visionary leader the community needs you to be. Getting this right from the start is the key. This session allows a safe space to start that process.
By attending this session you will:
  • some background understanding of how the application of your emotional intelligence influences how your team and the community see you from the start
  • gained an insight into how to establish yourself in your new role with the pupils, staff and the wider community
  • a clearer view of how you wish to practically approach the first few days of your new headship
  • had a chance to start getting to know some other new headteachers
Suitable for:
  • Invited Audience
  • New Headteachers
Price Session included in new headteacher induction package