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Financial Services
18FSS/054A SIMS FMS: accounts payable for new users 16 Jan 2019
18FSS/055A SIMS FMS: accounts receivable for new users 16 Jan 2019
18FSS/058P RM Finance Online: new users 18 Jan 2019
18SBM/032A A lean office? The challenge to drive efficiencies by doing things differently 22 Jan 2019
18SBM/031A An action plan to navigate future financial sustainability 22 Jan 2019
18FSS/067A Converting to academy - financial information for headteachers 22 Jan 2019
18FSS/066A Converting to academy - what finance teams need to know 22 Jan 2019
18FSS/056A SIMS FMS: the General Ledger and month-end procedures 23 Jan 2019
18FSS/057A SIMS FMS: using the financial reporting suite 23 Jan 2019
18STN/006S Hertfordshire Sixth Form Conference: The Post-16 T-Level Revolution is Coming 30 Jan 2019
18FSS/072A Financial procedures for MATs 06 Feb 2019
18SHR/036A IR35 awareness workshop 06 Feb 2019
18FSS/068A Financial procedures for school finance staff - an introduction for office managers 07 Feb 2019
18SHR/030A Recruiting with confidence 11 Feb 2019
18FSS/063A HCSS Budgeting for new users 12 Feb 2019
18FSS/064P RM Finance Online: year-end preparation workshop 14 Feb 2019
18FSS/070A Developing strategic financial leadership 27 Feb 2019
18FSS/059A Budget preparation workshop 04 Mar 2019
18SHR/035A IR35 awareness workshop 13 Mar 2019
18FSS/060A Budget preparation workshop 14 Mar 2019
18FSS/061A Budget preparation workshop 25 Mar 2019
19FSS/002P RM Finance Online: year-end workshop 04 Apr 2019

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