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:: Introducing woodwork in the Early Years ::
Woodwork is hugely popular and provides young children with rich opportunities for both enjoyment and learning. Children often demonstrate deep levels of engagement and intense concentration and remain involved in their explorations for extended periods when working with wood. They are given opportunities to use their imaginations, solve problems and demonstrate perseverance with challenging tasks. This practical workshop will explore ways in which woodworking can be safely introduced in the early years and explore how woodwork meets many areas of learning in the EYFS. The workshop will also examine historical context and look how woodworks has been used with children in many countries around the world successfully for many years. Delegates will learn about the most appropriate woods and tools to use with young children, how they can be used and potential suppliers. Ideas for setting up an effective woodworking area will be shared, suggestions for activities, open-ended explorations and longer term projects. A practical session will be held for practitioners to explore the tools, gain confidence and share the experience of making creations with wood.
By attending the course, participants will:
  • understand the value and theory of woodwork
  • understand the potential of woodwork for creativity and critical thinking
  • learn how to introduce woodwork safely, implementing an effective risk assessment and understand the most suitable tools for young children and how to use them
  • be confident to develop a woodworking area and know where to buy the most appropriate tools and materials
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Early Years Leaders
  • Early Years Practitioners
  • Newly Qualified Teachers
Price £155
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