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:: Intervening effectively to help close gaps in mathematics ::
The curriculum states that the majority of pupils will move broadly at the same pace. Not only is this challenging for some pupils, it places huge demand on teachers and school leaders to secure a greater proportion of age related pupils. Managing and providing opportunity for the right intervention, particularly for vulnerable pupils such as SEND, FSM, PPG and those at risk of not making expected progress, is essential. This course will refine delegates' understanding of what makes effective mathematics intervention, both in and outside the classroom. Using information gathered from recent projects, including the Closing the Gap project for PPG children and work in schools, the advisers will share some tried and tested strategies that have helped to move pupils closer towards age-related expectations.
By attending the course, participants will:
  • explore a range of possible approaches to plan for effective intervention across the school
  • gain a greater understanding of the different forms of intervention and how to manage these
  • be in a better position to be able to identify gaps in mathematical understanding, unpick the individual underlying needs, support staff to close these gaps and measure impact
Suitable for:
  • INCos/ SENCos
  • Middle Leaders
  • Subject Leaders
Price £152 (£173)
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