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:: Effective confrontation ::
This two-day course will enable delegates to: a) learn skills and strategies to manage effective confrontation; improve and maintain good relationships, and prevent difficulties escalating b) practise the use of appropriate confrontation strategies and skills in dealing with a current issue of concern Prior to the course delegates need to identify a significant work-based issue they wish to effectively confront and are prepared to share with the group.
Delegates will need to complete a pre course task before attending
By attending the course, participants will:
  • understand the nature of effective, non-aggressive interpersonal confrontation
  • be able to identify a range of issues and situations in their work place in which the skills of confrontation are likely to be required
  • explore and increase their understanding of the feelings which can arise on both sides during confrontation
  • develop skills in handling both sets of feelings more confidently and constructively
  • reflect on this experience and be ready to use effective confrontation in other situations
Suitable for:
  • Administrative Staff
  • Business Managers
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • Headteachers
  • Middle Leaders
  • Office Managers
  • Senior Leaders
Price £280 (£315)
Additional Information S:\Marketing & Events\HfL Teams\Commissioning\Resilience and wellbeing\Resillience and wellbeing\CPD pre course material\Eff Con pre-course Prep.docx
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