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The 2014 National Curriculum catapulted spelling at Key Stage2 (KS2) into the limelight, and the KS2 assessment framework documents have further intensified the focus on spelling over the last four years. With this in mind, schools have been grappling with, and will need to consider further how to equip their pupils for this increased challenge so that they are able to meet the expected standard (EXS) at the end of KS2 with confidence. This project has been designed to offer strategies that will have a swift and powerful impact on pupils’ spelling achievement in a short period of time. Following successful implementation of the project, the pupils will be on an improved trajectory towards EXS at the end of KS2; have a more positive relationship with spelling; be more enthusiastic, confident spellers with an increased understanding and knowledge of the spelling system. The project will focus predominantly on the need to improve pupils’ current individual spelling errors and misconceptions. Accurate spelling is a key component of writing fluently; enabling pupils’ cognitive resources to be freed from focusing on spelling means it can then be redirected towards writing composition. Following the launch a half-day consultancy visit will be arranged with an allocated adviser week commencing 6th May or 13th May 2019.
Schools will need to select four pupils from one year group who fit the following criteria: - show particular weakness in spelling despite being judged as ARE for other aspects of writing - are at risk of not achieving EXS at the end of their year due to spelling difficulties. Pupils do not need to be confirmed before the launch day; more information about suitable pupil choice will be given at the launch. However, delegates will need to bring six writing books to the launch day for pupils that are causing a concern in spelling. Class teachers will be expected to commit to working with each individual within the target group (made up of four pupils) for 10 minutes, once a week over an eight-week period. Class teachers will need to assess pupils at the beginning and end of the project using the materials provided.
The aims of the project are to:
  • improve the standards in spelling for a group of target pupils
  • enable pupils to have a more positive relationship with spelling
  • develop memory strategies to support pupils in storing their learning in their long-term memory, and accessing and applying this learning in independent writing
  • develop teachers’ subject knowledge in order for them to be able to identify pupils’ misconceptions accurately, and prioritise key learning areas for individuals
  • support teachers to implement and manage a whole-class teaching sequence that meets the varying needs of individuals
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
  • INCos/ SENCos
  • Subject Leaders
Being delivered by Sabrina Wright and Michelle Nicholson
Price One-form entry £980 per school for 2 delegates, two-form entry £1260 per school for 3 delegates. For all schools outside Hertfordshire please contact us for a price and availability before booking
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