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:: Key Stage 2 Reading Fluency Project: implications for classroom practice - Norwich ::
This one-day CPD event will offer an insight into the transformational teaching strategies used in the Herts for Learning KS2 Reading Fluency Project. The project draws on proven reading strategies to improve pupils’ trajectory towards the Expected Standard (EXS) in reading in year 6, including: • modelling of fluent reading; • echo reading; • repeated re-reading; • skilled questioning leading to deep discussion; • selection of well-chosen texts; • modelling of comprehension skills. Headline Project data: Pupils made an average of 22 months progress in their reading comprehension age (PPG pupils made 29 months progress). 86% of eligible pupils made 7months+ progress in their reading comprehension age. Furthermore, following the 8-week project period, pupils typically demonstrated the following changes in reading behaviour: • increased stamina – able to read more text for a longer period whilst retaining understanding • increased accuracy – children make less substitutions, omissions, mispronunciations, additions when reading a ‘cold’ text • increased enjoyment – pupils read more and are more willing to explore a wider range of literature • increased confidence – pupils tackle challenging texts with greater willingness and show improved tenacity in teasing out meaning • increased engagement – pupils offer more extended contributions in group discussions about challenging texts
By attending the training, participants will:
  • have a deepened understanding of the effective strategies used in the KS2 Reading Fluency Project
  • feel confident to be able to implement these strategies back in the classroom
  • be equipped with resources to implement aspects of the projects
Suitable for:
  • Invited Audience
Being delivered by Kathy Roe and Sabrina Wright
Price £185 per delegate, additional teachers from same school to be charged at £90.
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