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Looking for an effective intervention to improve writing, which relies upon a more robust partnership approach between teacher and TA and between TA and pupils? "Write Away Together" is a Fischer Family Trust guided-writing intervention programme, focused on feedback and improvement. It can be applicable to all pupils, or used as a one-to-one intervention, targeting pupils who need more intense structured support. One of the top seven strategies identified by the Sutton Trust, to raise attainment of disadvantaged and vulnerable learners, includes a focus on the pupil’s ability to self-manage their own learning. A key feature of the intervention focuses on how to change pupils’ writing behaviour so that the skills of proof-reading and editing become increasingly embedded. The course is intended for a TA to attend, along with their SENCO or lead teacher. A range of practical activities will be explored, which can be used with pupils across the primary phase.
The aims of the course are to:
  • provide a clear structure for writing support
  • improve participants' understanding of how to improve writing at text, sentence and word level
  • support participants in embedding strategies that will improve pupils' independent writing
  • offer focused training for TAs to work with teachers to improve writing
  • improve participants' ability to assess the progress of pupils' writing skills over time
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
  • INCos/ SENCos
  • Subject Leaders
  • Teaching Assistants
Price £152
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