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:: Key Stage 4 assessment analysis in SIMS ::
Within SIMS, there is a suite of resources for detailed analysis of KS4 assessment data, including Assessment Manager templates, Discover graphs and SIMS.net reports that will output to Microsoft Excel. These resources can be used to calculate headline figures for internal assessments for students in current Years 9, 10 and 11. Current resources go as far as PI Cohort year 2020 until the DfE clarify the methodology after that due to changes to the KS2 assessment framework. The resources will also enable schools to identify students who are underachieving in any of the key groups. The SIMS.net reports include analysis of key performance indicators as defined by the DfE and for specific student groups as seen in the Analyse School Performance tool (the replacement to RAISEonline). In order for schools to use these resources, existing school data will need to be ‘mapped’ to a series of aspects and result sets in Assessment Manager, using the SIMS Assessment Mapping tool. In this course will look at using the mapping tool to convert data and consider the resulting data analysis available in the various resources provided.
Delegates must have a working knowledge of SIMS Assessment Manager
By attending the course, participants will:
  • gain an overview of the KS4 analysis resources available to SIMS
  • learn how to use the SIMS Assessment Mapping tool to map school data in order to produce an analysis of their own data from SIMS
  • be able to identify key issues and pitfalls to be aware of when mapping school data
Delegates must have a working knowledge of SIMS Assessment Manager
Suitable for:
  • Assessment Coordinators
  • Senior Leaders
Price £107
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