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:: An introduction to coaching: how to build confidence through coaching ::
This two-day course is an introduction to the basic skills of coaching. The programme is ILM-approved, but does not have any formal qualification attached. The course covers: - what is meant by coaching? - how does it differ from any other conversation? - the rhythms of an effective conversation - the skills of hosting an effective coaching conversation - questioning, listening, reflecting, summarising and the use of silence - getting the conversation up to succeed - the skills of "contracting" - how to help build better performance (and confidence) by using coaching - the effect of language and story - using narrative skills to build a story of success and progress - conversation models - using GROW and HOPES coaching tools
By attending the course, participants will:
  • gain the basic knowledge of coaching and how to use this effectively
  • unlock the potential in development conversations
  • develop the skills to start their journey to become a coach and embed a coaching culture
Suitable for:
  • all Leaders
Price £280 (£315)
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