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:: Sowing the seeds of success: growing courageous learners through Assessment for Learning in the Early Years and Year 1 ::
Research continues to demonstrate that the characteristics central to the most successful learners are learned and developed in the very early stages of education. This places teachers of the Foundation Stage and Year 1 in uniquely important roles for the embedding of principles and qualities that will carry pupils through the rest of their schooling and into adult life. Through effective implementation of Assessment for Learning (AfL) and the development of a strong learning culture, teachers have the power to set pupils on this path to success. This course will explore the ways in which teachers of the Foundation Stage and Year 1 can develop AfL in their classrooms. We will look at what we mean by the term AfL and the principles that underlie it as well as practical tried and tested ideas. The day will focus on learning mindsets, pre-planning, modelling, success criteria, feedback and the most crucial elements of creating a strong learning classroom.
We will be joined by Early Years and Year 1 teachers who will be sharing ideas they have developed around AfL in the classroom.
By the end of the course participants will have:
  • an understanding of the key principles of AfL and research surrounding learning development within an Early Years and Key Stage 1 context
  • a range of ideas and confidence to experiment with some of the techniques
  • practical strategies to use directly in the classroom
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Early Years Practitioners
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