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:: Assessing and securing greater depth in Year 6 writing ::
This new half-day course, delivered jointly by the English and Assessment teams, will focus on what ‘working at great depth’ in Year 6 could look like for writing in the Year 6 classroom. Using the few statements from the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework in conjunction with the published writing exemplar, we will explore each statement in turn and provide detailed guidance on the sorts of evidence that would support a judgement at this standard. A range of teaching approaches, writing opportunities and suitable texts to support children in achieving the greater depth measure will be shared. Developing children as confident, mature writers - both in technical and authorial terms - will underpin the course content. With just eight weeks remaining before the Teacher Assessment deadline, we will look at how the time can be used most effectively to support pupils to secure and demonstrate the learning required.
Delegates may find it useful, as a frame of reference for the course, to bring writing from a pupil or pupils that they consider to be on track to be assessed as ‘working at greater depth’ at the end of Key Stage 2 / Year 6 for writing, but it is not essential.
By attending the course participants will:
  • gain confidence assessing writing at ‘greater depth’- knowing what it is, and what it isn’t
  • discuss examples of work from pupils who might be considered working at greater depth in Year 6 in writing, exploring what makes good writing evidence
  • consider how to use the remaining time available to both secure the learning required and help pupils to demonstrate it in their work
  • explore writing opportunities and texts that are well-placed to provide good evidence to demonstrate pupils’ learning
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Leadership Team
Price £75 (£85)
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