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:: Understanding and analysing the Key Stage 2 2017 results ::
This course will help participants to understand the ways in which their Key Stage 2 data will be used in the primary accountability measures this year, and to see how the data stacks up against the key indicators. This will include supporting them with analysing attainment and progress of their Year 6 cohort as a whole, and broken down into groups, and consideration of how their results relate to floor standards and ‘coasting’ status. Shortly before the course, we will produce a new AM7 report which will create the key data sets for the statutory KS2 data. We will make the report available to delegates a few days before the course. Delegates should run this report prior to attending the course, and bring the data with them - either a print-out of the AM7 report or a laptop with the report saved electronically (NB an electronic version of the report is preferable, as extra filtering will be possible.) The AM7 report will be made available to all schools before the end of the summer term.
By attending the course participants will:
  • understand the key indicators that will be used for the 2017 KS2 results
  • be supported in analysing their school’s KS2 attainment and progress data
Suitable for:
  • Assessment Coordinators
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Deputy Headteacher
  • Deputy/Asst Headteachers
  • Headteachers
Being delivered by Ben Fuller
Price £75 (£85)
Support Officer Anne Coad
Email anne.coad@hertsforlearning.co.uk
Enquiries Telephone: 01438 844882
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Town/Venue Dates Time Course Code Availability
Stevenage, Hertfordshire Development Centre Fri 14 Jul 2017 09:00 - 12:00 Spaces Available