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:: New headteacher induction programme - resilience and wellbeing; focusing on effective confrontation and managing under pressure - a course influenced by the models of Jean Jones ::
This three day course will enable new headteachers to: a) learn skills and strategies to manage and practice effective confrontation to improve and maintain good relationships and prevent difficulties escalating. b) identify the symptoms and causes of stress in school and home life and learn skills and strategies to manage under pressure. The complete new headteacher induction package costs £1500 for the training programme, 2 executive coaching sessions and a Hertfordshire Professional Partner (HPP).
Prior to the course delegates need to identify a significant work-based issue they wish to effectively confront and are prepared to share with the group.
By attending this course, participants will gain:
  • increased confidence and access to a range of tools to manage more challenging relationships and improve outcomes with and between others
  • reduction in stress resulting from learned skills and strategies for effectively managing in a pressurised environment
  • a personal action plan for addressing one’s own sources of conflict, pressure and stress
Please note this training is for new headteachers only
Suitable for:
  • Invited Audience
  • New Headteachers
Price Included in the new headteacher induction package
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