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Courses A - E
ADVC1 Chairs' Advanced Training: Communicating and Reporting
ADVC1A Chairs' Advanced Training: Leading and Managing Team GB
ADVC2 Chairs' Advanced Training: Dealing with difficult people and courageous conversations
ADVC2A Chairs' Advanced Training: Being a Reflective Leader
ADVC3 Chairs' Advanced Training: Coaching and Mentoring
ADVC3A Chairs' Advanced Training: Mediation
ADVC4A Chairs' Advanced Training: Change Management
ADVC4B Chairs' Advanced Training: Investigations
ASAC Admissions and the School Admissions Code
CH01 Becoming an Effective Chair
CKR01 Being an Effective Clerk
CKS01 Clerks' Network
CLA1 Children Looked After
CSIB01 Chairs' Strategic Information Briefing
CSM01 New Chairs' Network
DH01 Disciplinary Hearings
DP01 Understanding School Performance Data - Primary
DS01 Understanding School Performance Data - Secondary
EG01 Effective Governance
ETC01 Exclusion Training (Preparation for Clerks)
EX01 Exclusions
Courses F - K
FIMS01 New to Finance in Maintained Schools (non-academy)
FM01 Financial Management for maintained schools
FMA1 Financial Reporting (academies and free schools)
GLGB01 Understanding your role as a governor on a local governing board
GV01 Governor Visits
HCM1 Handling School Complaints
HCMA01 Handling Academy Complaints
HPM01 Headteachers' Performance Management
HR01 Human Resources
HS01 Health and Safety
IAI01 Interviewing, Appointing and Induction of a head or deputy
IND01 Induction for Governors
Courses L - R
MPP01 Managing Poor Performance - the Governors' role
PP01 Effective Use of Pupil Premium
PW01 Introduction to Pupil Welfare and Wellbeing
Courses S - Z
SC01 Safeguarding Children
SEN01 New to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
SLK01 Role of the Safeguarding link governor
SP01 Succession planning and strategy
SR1 Safer Recruitment
SRF1 Safer Recruitment Refresher
VMSP1 Vision, Mission and Strategic Planning

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