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Course Listing :: 22-Apr-2019 ::
QIU189 Early Years Quality Improvement Forum
Core Care Courses
DPU189 Child Protection Training for Designated Safeguarding Persons
PFA190 Paediatric First Aid
PFU189 Paediatric First Aid
SCU189 Safeguarding Children (Childminders)
SGU189 Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding Person - Safe Staffing Lead
SSU189 Safeguarding Children (Group Settings)
ZSS189 Safeguarding Children (Group Settings)
ZSS190 Safeguarding Children (Group Settings)
MPG189 Move, Play and Grow - The power of movement in the first two years of life
BXW189 Broxbourne Early Years District Workshop
CEU189 Embedding the characteristics of effective learning into practice
CHU189 Chat in a Box
EHW189 East Herts Early Years District Workshop
FPU189 Fun Phonics for 3 and 4 Year Olds
MMU189 Marvellous Maths
NHW189 North Herts Early Years District Workshop
OUU189 Talking outdoors
PPU189 Parents as partners
SAW189 St Albans Early Years District Workshop
TRW189 Three Rivers Early Years District Workshop
WBU189 Working with Babies and Toddlers
WFW189 Watford Early Years District Workshop
WOU189 Writing outdoors
WTU189 Working with Two Year Olds
XSZ189 Observation and Assessment
Leadership and Management
SAU189 Supervision and Appraisals of your Early Years Team
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