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NPA189 Nursery Provision and 30 Hours Free Childcare
Core Care Courses
DPA189 Child Protection Training for Designated Safeguarding Persons
PFA189 Paediatric First Aid
PFS189 Paediatric First Aid
SCA189 Safeguarding Children (Childminders)
SGA189 Safeguarding Children: Designated Safeguarding Person - Safe Staffing Lead
SSA189 Safeguarding Children (Group Settings)
ZSS189 Safeguarding Children (Group Settings)
APA189 A Place to Play and Learn
BBA189 Building Behaviour for Learning in Early Years
CHA189 Chat in a Box
OAA189 Observation and Assessment
RRA189 Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition Workshop Event
SPA189 Sensory Play for Under Twos
TLA189 Letters and Sounds (Childminders)
TMA189 Securing starting points - moderating Early Years outcomes
TNA189 Securing starting points - moderating Early Years outcomes
TPA189 Supporting Children's Personal, Social and Emotional Development
TTA189 Sustained shared thinking and emotional well-being scales
WRA189 Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP)
ZSF189 Helping Practitioners to be Ofsted Ready
Leadership and Management
OFA189 Ready for Ofsted
SAA189 Supervision and Appraisals of your Early Years Team

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