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Early Years Outcomes Toolkit (EYOT) – New Customer
The Early Years Outcomes Toolkit enables practitioners, leaders and managers in PVI settings, and non-SIMS using schools, to track and analyse the progress of individuals and groups of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage. For full details, please visit Early Years Outcomes Toolkit.
28 Day Free Trial:
This fully-featured free trial will enable you to record details for up to 15 children and run the various reports available. Then, when you purchase the full version of the Toolkit you can restore the data entered so far, including all configuration options chosen, from a backup file, enabling you to carry on from where you left off.
Toolkit Sizes available and pricing:
An initial single-site license fee is charged to purchase the toolkit, with the cost dependent on the size of the setting. A low cost annual subscription is also chargeable, which will be renewable on the 1st April each year. When initially purchasing the Toolkit you will be charged for the licence fee and the first year’s subscription. Please note: Settings that purchase a Toolkit licence between January and March (inclusive) will have their Annual Subscription automatically renewed on 1st April, for the 12 months that follow.
Toolkit Size Number of children on roll in your setting One-off licence cost* Annual Subscription* (for updates and support)
1 1-50 £190 £30
2 51-100 £240 £40
3 101+ £290 £50
* prices exclude VAT

The toolkit is co-sponsored by Herts for Learning and Hertfordshire County Council Childhood Support Services. The license fee is FREE for Hertfordshire settings and supplied at a discounted rate for Hertfordshire independent schools. If you are a maintained or independent school, or academy, please contact us via email to eyot.enquiries@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

System Requirements:
The Toolkit requires a local installation of Office 2007 or later (not a Starter edition), running on Windows 7 or later.
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Product Price Product Code
EYOT 28 Day Free Trial £ 0.00
Purchase EYOT Size 1 (Herts Setting) £ 30.00
Purchase EYOT Size 2 (Herts Setting) £ 40.00
Purchase EYOT Size 3 (Herts Setting) £ 50.00
Purchase EYOT Size 1 (Non Herts Setting) £ 220.00
Purchase EYOT Size 2 (Non Herts Setting) £ 280.00
Purchase EYOT Size 3 (Non Herts Setting) £ 340.00
You need to purchase the product before you can renew or upgrade.

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