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:: Effective mathematical learning sequences; making the most of the new essentials planning resources in Years 1 and 2 ::
Is reducing the hours spent planning maths appealing? Would clear guidance and resources to plan effective teaching sequences that secure key learning help? Then we have the answer: HfL maths team’s new suite of resources that: - provide a structured approach that maps effective teaching and learning sequences of the key learning in each year group - are adaptable to meet the needs of individual classes - enhance teacher subject knowledge - unpick and illustrate the concepts that need to be understood in key sequences This course has been designed specifically for Year 1 and 2 teachers to make the most effective use of the brand new suite of maths planning resources developed by the HfL maths team. Delegates will walk through the learning sequences and key mathematical concepts in their year group. A full range of resources will be provided and delegates will explore how to adapt them to the needs of their class. Delegates will enhance their understanding of what the end learning should look like and connect it to maximise teaching time.
By attending the course participants will:
  • be introduced to the new suite of maths planning and resources
  • understand how the resources are structured and how to make effective use of each essential element
  • be supported to adapt the resources to the needs of their class
  • develop effective learning sequences that provide the right structure and time to secure the key learning
  • clarify what really secure learning looks like and strategies to deepen learning
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
Price £150 (£170)
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