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:: Where the wonderful things are: unlocking the potential of picture books in the primary classroom ::
"Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow older" - Anthony Browne. This invigorating course has been created in response to growing interest in the rediscovery of the joys and benefits of the best of children’s literature. For many children their first experience of looking at art work is through the wonderful array of picture books on the market, but how can we bring to life the guiding forces that illustrators and picture book authors use to draw children (and adults) into books and keep them enthralled - and learning - on wildly different journeys? The course follows a carefully designed sequence that will take participants on an exciting journey, exploring the different ways in which we can appreciate and learn from the best of picture books over time. Delegates will explore a range of illustrative styles, themes and literary techniques so that they are well equipped to unlock the full potential of picture books to transform teaching and learning in their classroom. This course provides an opportunity to rediscover the delights and wonders of picturebooks and at the same time develop the skills and techniques to draw out deep thinking and creative responses
By attending the course, participants will:
  • develop a deeper understanding of how imagery creates meaning
  • develop skills to support them in identifying quality literature
  • develop hands-on exploration of a wide range of exciting texts with opportunities to browse, discuss and react in all manner of ways
  • develop understanding of why the best children’s picture books engage their readers and take them on a wonderful journey that expands their horizons, their thinking and their language
  • develop experience in guided sessions that explore image, form, theme and narrative
Suitable for:
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Subject Leaders
Price £152 (£173)
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